Restraining Orders

Whether it’s a neighbour dispute, fallout with a friend, a family feud or a situation of domestic violence, Dave has the right approach for every situation regardless of whether
you are an applicant or a defendant.
Dave has extensive experience in the area of DV. He has represented many people who found themselves in a situation that seems impossible to change.
Whether it’s untrue allegations just to get at you; or it may be long-term abuse – whatever it is, he will sort through the issues and make sure that the law applies to your situation appropriately.
Many times there are children involved and Dave knows how to work through the maze of legal issues and focus on what is really important to the clients he represents.
When Dave sits down with you and explains the process and likely outcome, you will feel confident that he has the knowledge; the skills and a unique approach that will make you feel comfortable with your choice of lawyer, a lawyer you can trust.
Whether you are an applicant for a VRO or have been served with a VRO, he is able to represent you through negotiations, at the Mention Hearing, or at the Final Order Hearing.


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