DOC-CPFS matters

One of the saddest aspects of any legal action is when children are involved.
When DCP (or as they are now called – Department of Communities – aka Docs) have taken your children away, you will feel as though a part of you has been torn away.
Docs tell you that you can only see your children once a week, sometimes only once a fortnight. They have written an affidavit with allegations of things you say are not true.
You have tried to discuss things with the case worker, but he or she just doesn’t seem to understand.
The case worker seems too young; they have no understanding of who you are; why these things have happened; or sometimes just don’t even answer your calls.
Who can you ask for advice? Who understands the process? Who can represent you to fight for the most precious things in your life?
Dave is familiar with the law relating to Docs. He has represented people like you at every stage of the process.
He has genuine compassion and empathy unique to what you would expect in a lawyer.
His approach will make you feel confident that even though your children are living elsewhere, the decisions you are making will satisfy the demands of Docs as well as being
best for your children.


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